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The NASCAR Ride Along: A One-Of-A-Kind Experience

Car racing is one of the sports that many people love to watch. The NASCAR or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is one of the most popular car racing events in the country. And this association holds races across the country. Unlike other car racing events, the NASCAR does not use cars like we see in other races where they use sleek open-wheel pointy-nosed race cars. Here in NASCAR races they use four-door American made cars.

If you are an avid fan of NASCAR racing and perhaps you dream to be in one of the races yourself, not as a spectator but a race car driver, then wouldn’t it be nice to experience the real thing even just for a moment? Perhaps it is a dream that you would not want to wake up from. If you join the NASCAR ride along experience, it will be like a dream come true for you, even just for s few moments. As the term says, it is a ride along experience which means that you ride along a NASCAR race car together with the driver. So you might be wondering what that ride along experience is all about.

The NASCAR rise along experience is a real experience of riding with a professional racing instructor. If you don’t want to drive a race car, then you simply need to sit back and hold tight as your professional driver gives you the experience of your life. You will ride shotgun in a real NASCAR race car! You don’t need to worry since you are in good hands with professional racing instructors driving you along. You will be driving around one of the nation’s premier speedways at top speeds for 3 laps. You can get your best lifetime experience here at the NASCAR speedways.

Now they also offer another kind of experience called the double ride along. This means that you get double the laps with an additional benefit of going to the front of the ride lane. So now, instead of 3, you take 6 laps with your professional racing instructor. These extra laps are really worth it. This double ride along experience will be treasured in your heart for as long as you live.

If you have kids who are NASCAR fans, then you can let them experience the Junior ride along. Riding in a NASCAR race car will be one great experience for kids. With professional racing instructor handling the car, you don’t need to worry because your kids are in good hands. You child will have the best experience of his life with a junior ride along. He will then better understand what NASCAR drivers are going through. This experience is limited to kids who are 4 to 5 feet tall.

This changes the way your watch your NASCAR races.

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